Gaz Carbonique Ltée (GAZCARBO) was founded in 1959 by Mr Roger Cayeux with the aim of starting the production of food-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) in Mauritius to serve the soft drink industry both locally and regionally. Since then the company has kept diversifying its activities and is now producing and /or importing a vast range of Industrial and Medical gases for distribution to hundreds of local and regional clients including major industries, clinics and hospitals. GAZCARBO is also a major player in the welding and cutting sectors and represents major world-class brands such as Lincoln Electric and Air Liquide Welding. GAZCARBO today relies on a team of 120 individuals who are in their starting blocks to deliver the goods in accordance with strict international norms in these highly specialized activities...


We produce or import:
Acetylene - Argon/CO2 - CO2 - Calibration gases - Helium - Industrial Oxygen - MAP gases - Medical Oxygen - Med Air - Nitrogen - Nitrous Oxide


Our welding product range include equipment, consumables and accessories for Arc, Tig and Mig welding applications.


For your cutting requirements we propose three main options : oxy/acetylene flame cutting equipment, plasma cutting and cutting discs.


Our medical activities include the installation and maintenance of medical gas network systems such as medical gas central stations, vacuum systems, gas outlets, alarm panels and all related medical gas accessories.

Our Brands