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An I Spa membership card makes a lot of sense because it saves you the bother of paying for every visit, but more importantly, it gives you a powerful psychological commitment to keep coming back and to continue your fitness training and/or well being programmes. If you want results, you need to make I Spa an unbreakable habit. Moreover, I Spa membership card gives you a lot of benefits and privileges.

The I Spa membership card can be issued to individuals or to couples and the fee is monthly for as many visits as you desire.

Fitness Membership Options & Benefits

Membership "24/7" Yearly "Soft Hours" Yearly Monthly
  Hours of access to Gym 24/7 From 8am to 4 pm 24/7
  Access to 3 I Spa Clubs
  Spa Facilities   (e.g. Hammam, sauna, pool)
  Group Classes  (Ref, Group Classes Schedule) From 8am to 4pm
  Leisure Facilities   (Bocci ball & Beach volley)
  ( @ The Address Boutique Hotel only )
  Privileges and Benefits(valid upon presentation of Membership Card only)
  Preferred rates on Personal Training
  Preferred rates on Fitness & Health
  20% discount on Spa Treatments
  10% discount on Hair Studio
  ( @ Hennessy Park Hotel only )
  10% discount on Spa products
  20% discount in all Indigo
  Restaurants & Bars
  Preferred rates for Tennis Court
  ( @ The Address Boutique Hotel only )
  Membership Package Content ( valid within the first 2 months of subscription or renewal )
  Membership Card
  1 Body Motion Analysis
  1 Fitness Testing and Body Composition
  1 Fitness coaching with start up plan
  Surprise a Friend with a Day Pass Voucher
  1 Relaxing 45 mins Spa Treatement
  Prices (per person)
  Entrance Fee (one off fee)   Rs 3,200
  (upon subscription)
  Rs 3,200
  (upon subscription)
  Monthly Fee (direct debit)   Rs 2,450   Rs 1,750   Rs 3, 200
  Yearly Lump Sum (one off payment)   Rs 26,950
(equiv. to paying 11 months only)
  Rs 19, 250
(equiv. to paying 11 months only)
• Members enrolling for the “Soft Hours” Membership can access the clubs 7/7 between 8am to 4pm only, any other privileges apply without hour restriction.
• Members enrolling for the “24/7” Membership are given priority, on peak hours, to their primary club they registered.
• Detailed menus with list of services, classes and treatments are available at the reception and require booking in advance.
• Spa Facilities are available during spa opening hours.
• Discounts are not applicable on packages, discount prices, promotions and happy hours and are applicable only upon presentation of own Membership Card.
• Treatment and Sessions offered in the Membership package content have to be consumed within the first 2 months following subscription or renewal. Booking should be done between 10am and 4pm on weekdays or from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays.
• Prices and benefits are not contractual and might change without notice. Prices are inclusive of local taxes.

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